Running Locally

There are three possible ways this jar can be utilized:

As a full-stack hosted server:

Execute the jar by providing the argument '-startServer'. This boots the Ktor validation back end and KotlinJS front-end. Refer to the jvmMain/resources/application.conf file in the resources directory to view the different deployment flavours available. These deployment types can be set through the environment variable ENVIRONMENT. If no such environment variable is set, the application will default to a dev type deployment.

As a locally run, short-lived, desktop application:

Execute the jar by providing the argument '-gui'. This boots the Ktor server locally on the port 8080, and starts a wrapped instance of the KotlinJS front end within a Chromium web window to appear as a desktop application. This wrapped website should mimic all the same functionality of the full KotlinJS website in the full-stack hosted server. Once the Chromium browser window is closed, the local Ktor server is also shutdown.

As the traditional validator cli:

We realize that for many users, the cli is still the primary way in which validation is performed, so we’ve made it possible to still execute this jar, as done previously, from the command line. All validator cli functionality remains as detailed on the confluence wiki.

Note: If you attempt to run this as both a full-stack server and a locally hosted application (by including both the startServer and -gui commands from the cli, the full-stack server takes priority, and the desktop version will not be booted.