Building CI/CD Releases

Building a Release

1. Ensure the file is updated with the up-to-date release notes for the upcoming release.

This file is in the base directory of the project, and will look something like this: Image tool tip

It is important to ensure this file is up to date, as the release notes are generated directly from this file. Additionally, some of the Zulip notifications regarding the release are formatted to include these notes.

2. Trigger the release pipeline.

  • Navigate to the FHIR Azure Pipelines Landing Page, and select the project your are releasing. Image tool tip

  • On the side menu, select the pipelines option from the Pipelines menu icon (it kinda looks like a spaceship) Image tool tip
  • You should see a list of pipelines displayed here:
    • Pull Request Pipeline
    • Master Branch Pipeline
    • Release Branch Pipeline
  • Select the Release Branch Pipeline, and then manually trigger a build.