This project contains the CLI, Desktop GUI, and Standalone Validation Server for the FHIR Validator.

About the Project

The code for this project is located in the hapifhir organization.

The validator CLI will still be generated and hosted as normal within the hapifhir/core.hl7.fhir.core for now. Be advised that, eventually, we will stop publishing the cli as part of the core, and users will be expected to download the cli jar from the latest release of this project.

Build Status

CI Status (master) Website Docker Image
Build Status Docker Status

Warning: This project is still not yet “officially” released, and may contain errors/bugs/dragons/smooth-jazz. During this initial period, your patience is greatly appreciated.


All integration and delivery done on Azure pipelines. Azure project can be viewed here.


Docker image for the fullstack website is stored on DockerHub, and can be downloaded and run locally.

Updates to the docker image are triggered through the Azure Pipelines CI/CD.

Bugs and Issues

Have you found an issue not listed above? Do you have a feature request? Great! Submit it here and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.