Manually Triggering a Pipeline

For whatever reason, there may be times when a pipeline does not trigger as expected, or a pipeline needs to be manually started to verify a branch is in a good state. This is a straightforward process.

1. Open the FHIR project page.

Navigate to the FHIR Azure Pipelines Landing Page, and select the project containing the pipeline you with to trigger manually.

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2. Open the Pipelines Page for that Project.

On the side menu, select the pipelines option from the Pipelines menu icon (it kinda looks like a spaceship)

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You should see a list of pipelines displayed here:

  • Pull Request Pipeline
  • Master Branch Pipeline
  • Release Branch Pipeline

3. Open the Run Pipeline Menu.

Select the three vertical dots on the right of the pipeline entry. From that drop down menu, select “Run pipeline”.

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4. Select Branch and Run

Ensure that the correct Branch/tag is selected for the pipeline you wish to run. (for our case, it will always be master), and press “Run”.

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